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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bee's Bites and "Medsin"

Bee woke up crying early on Sunday morning saying her leg hurt. I rubbed my eyes and tried to see what was bothering her but once she climbed into bed with me she stopped fussing so I didn't think it was anything really. Three hours later we are getting ready for church and I notice Bee's leg has a nasty little bite on it. Long story short is, she was bitten by a spider in her bed. While not a poisonous spider, she did react badly to it and it turned into an infection very quickly. After a visit to her Pediatrician, she started antibiotics and within hours of her first dose, her leg started improving. Below is a picture log of her leg over 24 hours.
This is about 3 hours after her bite.

About 6 hours after.

9 hours after bite.

This was at it's worst just before starting meds. 24 hours after being bitten. You can see the redness spreading down her foot.

This is after 24 hours on antibiotics
I'm so thankful for Doctors at times like this! We don't rush to the doctor for just anything and this was only Bee's 2nd time to take antibiotics. But it's what was needed!
One cute thing was watching Bee nurse her leg. She was constantly asking for her "medsin" and I found her daily with the benedryl cream COVERING her leg. I think it was more because she liked the lotion feel of it rather than needing the relief of the cream. =P My sweet girl.

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  1. So glad she is better! Antibiotics DO have a purpose. We don't use them unless absolutely necessary. This looks like one of those times. :)