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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Viengping Orphanage

I've been twice now with my friend to volunteer in the Baby House for 2+ hours every Thursday morning. I've been reluctant to post anything as I've still been trying to process it all my self. So, at the suggestion of my friend, I will just share what we do there. We arrive usually by 9:30 a.m. and after signing in we'll walk to the Baby House. The babies here are under the age of 2 though I really don't think any are older that 18 months. There have been around 20 babies each week and I only know this because there are 20 beds in the room we work in and they're always full. We have been told that new babies stay in a different area in "quarantine" for a week while he/she is being checked out and to avoid getting the other babies sick.
It's been so heartbreaking to me knowing that these babies cry out for a Mama to love and hold them. To wipe their runny noses and rock them when they're sick. One little boy last week had just arrived and was brought in by his grandfather. I don't know the whole story but I do know he misses his family, and cries constantly. If I could take him home I would. In a heartbeat. But all I can do is love him while I'm there. Rock him to sleep. And pray his new family will come soon. A Mama to hold him close, wipe his nose, and tell him she loves him.
About 10:30 to 11 all the babies are put to bed with bottles in their mouths propped up by a blanket or pillow. By 11:30 all is fairly quiet as they're drifting off to sleepy land. During this time I'll help with washing bowls and dishes from their lunch, sweeping and mopping of the outdoor play area, and then folding of laundry. Huge piles of laundry. Mostly rags that are then folded into cloth diapers.
I've noticed there are the same women who work in this baby house. The job they have is never-ending, repetitive, and yet they love each baby and show care for each one. This job is not easy and aside from volunteers who come and go, they are quite outnumbered. But they do it and do it well.
From my understanding every one of the 600 children in this home are available for adoption. And many of them are girls. Ending up here either abandoned or orphaned. It's not easy for an American to adopt from Thailand unless you live here. But please pray for these children. Please pray for their protection, for their soul, and for a Momma and Daddy to bring them HOME....

I found some new information since writing this. Only 300 of the children are on site here. The others are in Foster Care around ChiangMai.
And I want to clarify my statement "It's not easy for Americans to adopt". I mean that in the sense that it will take possibly longer (about 2 years) and the Thai government is more picky that other countries. However, I've come across a Thailand Adoption Blog website with blog links to a number of families that have or are in the process of adopting from Thailand as well as talking to families here. Also, if you don't use an agency and were able to come to Thailand and live here, you would be able to foster your child first while paperwork is being processed and you could have it all wrapped up in a year, sometimes less. And pay a fraction of the cost.  Note to self..... =)

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