Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you may go. Joshua 1:9

Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Week

If you asked me.....
I would tell you I can't believe we're in our last week in Thailand. 
This trip has been amazing. 
Looking over my blog posts from the last 5 months brings a smile to my face. 
We've experience so much, seen beautiful things,
tasted delicious food, and have loved every moment.
We've been in the mountains of Chiang Mai, traveled in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, and sunk our toes in the sand of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, and Phuket. 

We have ridden on an elephant, and fed many more, Daniel even threw darts with one!
We held a white tiger cub in our laps and bottle fed him. 
Once in a lifetime thing for sure!

We've seen how the Thai people love children.
A shop keeper heard Bee tell me she was thirsty and gave me a bottled water, no charge. 
I was looking through some items at a sidewalk vendor and the owner gave Bee a hair clip. 
Every time Bee and I have gotten on a busy Songtauw, someone will stand to make sure Bee has a seat. 
I've joked with friends that there are easily a few dozen random Thai's with pictures of Bee on their phone or camera...she seems to attract a lot of attention for some reason.=)

We've traveled by every form imaginable.
Train, both by day and night.
Airplane with flights ranging from 45 mins to 15 hours.
Boat rides on little long-tails and high speed catamarans.
Double decker buses and small minivans.
Truck SongTauw, and zippy little taxis.
Even the very Thai Tuk Tuk's. 
And the 3 of us on a motorbike.
And every time Bee has amazed us with her ability to handle it all. 
She's turned into quite the little traveler. 
And I'm not even a little worried about her and I traveling alone from Chiang Mai Thailand to Dallas, TX. It will be long, 36 hours of traveling with 4 flights and layovers.
But Bee's done this before and we'll do it once more.

We've made new friends, and strengthened our family ties.
I spent time with the beautiful baby boys and girls of the ViengPing Childrens Home. 
Their faces will never leave my memory. 
I adored them and gave them all the love I could. 
They opened my heart and I feel like I'm leaving part of me with them. 

So we're leaving Thailand soon and hope to return again one day.
We've loved both the mountains and the islands, we've loved the people, and I've got some Thai dishes I'll need to make in the states. 
Thailand changed us...and we'll never forget it!